September 30, 2013

Easy glitter removal - tutorial -

Hello my loves!!

Many of you have requested a video showing you how to easy remove glitter.
So here it is! A lot of people have been doing tutorials like this but here's my take on it :)
Hope you enjoy!!

Check out my video for the tutorial! <3 p="">

Love you all!!

XOXO Miriam

September 20, 2013

Easy flower design on a glitter bed ;)

Helloooo ladies!

Happy friday!!! 
I havent done a nail tutorial in quite some time so that's what I want to share with you today.
A super simple flower design on a glitter base.
I know I didnt execute the flowers as well as I could've.. I need to get some better brushes..

Anyway.. hope you like it :)

And here's to see the color indoors and in daylight...
A hot pink from the OPI Designer Series called "Bold"

Check out my tutorial on Youtube!! :)

Have a lovely weekend!
Love you all!!
XOXO Miriam


September 17, 2013

OPI - Winter/Christmas collection 2013 "Mariah Carey" -Live swatches-

Helloooo there!

Now, this is a much anticipated post/video!!
OPI's winter christmas collection for 2013, a collab with Mariah Carey! (once more, yes I know :) )
12 regular polishes and 6 liquid sands.. now, can you believe! 18 polishes!!!
Crazy big collection! ( LOVE IT! ) :)

Now these are a mix of glitters, shimmers, cremes and liquid sands...
I have a couple of favorites already ;) 

"All I want for Christmas is OPI"
A beautiful deep, redish maroon.

"In my santa suit"
The typical "christmas red" in my opinion. Love all the shimmers in it!

"Underneath the mistletoe"
A deep spicy, candy apple red. Whooah :)

"Cute little vixen"
A deep, red violet tone.. with a touch of pink :)

"Sleighride for two"
A very interesting color.. greyish, brownish, hot chocolate color.

"Visions of love"
A beautiful, creamy rich burgundy...

"Ski slope sweetie"
One of my faves.. this gorgeous golden shimmery pearl color.
LOVELY on top of any color or gorgeous on it's own with 2 coats.

"My favorite ornament"
Love this champagne silvery glitter!!!

"Wonderous star"
A silvery shimmer with black glitters and gold flecks.

"All sparkly and gold"
Very approperiat name... goldy and sparkly :) with a hint of brown in the  clear polish:)

"Warm me up"
A spicy, greyish coffe color

"I snow you love me"
Disco light confetti in a clear base. Hard to apply but gorgeous when you get it right :) I placed the confettis with a toothpick for best result.

"It's frosty outside"
A silver liquid sand with tons of shimmer. Gorge!

"Silent stars go by"
A pale blush, pink liquid sand.. up for neutrals? This might be your thing ;)

"Make him mine"
This is a slightly darker version of Silent stars go by.. also a blush, little darker toned pink liquid sand.

"Baby please come home"
Violet purple liquid sand.. Shimmer away!

"Kiss me at midnight"
I really like this cool frosty blue liquid sand :)

A black liquid sand with black glimmers inside..

Now that was all for this time.. pheew that was a lot of colors to go through :)
But I had fun doing it! Thank you so much for reading, watching.. commenting :D

Don't forget to check out my video for the live swatches with application and my view of these polishes:)

Have a lovely fall!!

XOXO Miriam

September 13, 2013

OPI - Designer Series 2 new colors for fall 2013

Hellooooo ya'll!

Excited about fall approaching?
For me, I have mixed emotions... I miss being able to walk around in flip flops and a little dress...
But it's also nice to snuggle up in a big blanket, lighting some candles and sipping on tea.

Today I'll show you 2 new polishes from OPI and their "Designer Series" polishes.
Did you know that the DS polishes contain diamondpowder? Actual diamonds??
How cool is that! I didnt know that and got to learn it recently. These kind of polishes are really expensive, but now I know why :)

First up is a cold toned purple, truly sparkly.
Drying to a semi matte finish so if you want it really shiny, don't forget to apply a good top coat :)

"DS Lapis"

Second is a cool toned, gunmetal pewter.
This also dries to a semi-matte finish so on with your top coat and you're good to sparkle away.

"DS Pewter"

So these where the polishes for this time :)
Don't forget to check out my video to see how they apply with my live swatches!

Have a sparkly weekend all of you my loved ones :)