April 30, 2014

OPI Summer 2014 NEON - Swatches -

Hello my darlings!!

Here's I have a WONDERFUL collection to swatch for you :D
I'm a HUGE fan of Neons :D especially for summer but generally too ;) Neons are AWESOME!!
Hope you like it :D

With this I say bye for 3 weeks.. going to Florida for a vacation :D
3 weeks.. and a 5 day caribbean cruise within those days :) see ya later ;) <3 p="">

"Down to the core-al"
A GORGEOUS neon coral... I LOVE coral, I LOVE neon.. what better mix ;) hehe
A true bright coral :) 
my pointy and longfinger are without the white base and the other two WITH the white base :)

"Get in the lime!"
A neon-lime.. gorge and bright!
my pointy and longfinger are without the white base and the other two WITH the white base :)

"Hotter than you pink"
Really a beautiful Barbie pink! Cold toned with purple shimmer in it :) LOVELY!One of my faves.
my pointy and longfinger are without the white base and the other two WITH the white base :)

"Juice bar hoppin"
Kinda similar to "A good man-darin is hard to find".. but this pops a little bit more :)
Neon orange at it's best ;)
my pointy and longfinger are without the white base and the other two WITH the white base :)

"Life gave me lemons"
A lemony yellow with a little green touch..
my pointy and longfinger are without the white base and the other two WITH the white base :)

"Push and pur-pull"
A kinda plummish purple.. :)
my pointy and longfinger are without the white base and the other two WITH the white base :)


XOXO Miriam

April 27, 2014

OPI Sheer tints Swatches

Helloooo my loves!

Here are some more swatches for you!
OPI's new kind of top coat: Sheer tints!
These polishes give you loads of space for imagination and creativity! I'm just showing you the colors here and what they look like on one coat, two coats and on top of a white base :)


"I'm never amberassed"
A yellow-ish tint. 
On top of white, to the left, 1 coat in the middle and 2 coats to the right:)

"Be magentale with me!"
A magenta, pinkish sheer tint.
On top of white, to the left, 1 coat in the middle and 2 coats to the right:)

"Don't violet me down"
A violet purple
On top of white, to the left, 1 coat in the middle and 2 coats to the right:)

"I can teal you like me"
A teal blue. gorgeous!
On top of white, to the left, 1 coat in the middle and 2 coats to the right:)


XOXO Miriam
by: MirLidNailArt

March 30, 2014

OPI - Spotlight on Glitter - 2014 ~ Swatches ~

Helloooo theeeeere :D
More swatches.. showing you some more colors that are for the spring! Spotlight on glitter!
6 glitter polishes ( I must warn you though, DUPE ALERT!!) ;)
If you've missed out on the previous colors that look EXACTLY the same.. then oh happy day! This collection is for you! :)
Most colors are dupes to colors from earlier collections.
Check them out!
Here are the swatches!

"You pink too much"

"Rose of light"

"Blush hour"

 "Chasing Rainbows"

"Desperately seeking sequins"

"I reached my gold"

Love you all!
Thanks for watcing :D
XOXO Miriam


March 19, 2014

OPI Soft shades 2014 -Muppets most Wanted- Swatches!

Hellooo ya'll!

Spring is just around the corner.. we've had a couple of weeks with beautiful weather, feeling just like spring! Sadly, today snow fell from the sky :P .. it wont stick around for long I think but... still..

Here are the swatches of OPI's Soft shades for 2014!
Inspired once again by the muppets!
"Muppets most Wanted"

"Int'l crime caper"
A very soft pearlescent white with hints of purple in the shimmer.
Reminds me a little of "I snow you love me"

"I love applause"
A very cold toned soft pink with very good opacity!

"Chillin' like a villain"
Beautiful peachy soft pink. Much warmer in it's tone than "I love applause"..
Gorge soft shade!

"Kermit me to speak"
I find that this kind of color has been in almost every collection lately.
A muted gray with tons of purple specks.

"Miss Piggy's big number"
A purple/royal blue kind of color. Really beautiful and I found that the
color looked a lot more purple when it came onto the nails :)

"Let's do anything we want"
Now onto some glitters! This glitter has the same kind of white pieces in it as "Lights of emerald city" from the Oz collection! But the similarites end there;) this is a soft rosy pink with different sized glitters in it.

"Muppets world tour"
Lovely glitter filled with tons of glitter! Very compact polish with good opacity. Perfect for you who wish to have a glitter-polish on it's own :)

"Gaining mole-mentum"
LOVE this flakey gold! Two of the fingers are solely with the glitter and two of the nails have "Chillin' like a villain" underneath to show you what if could look like layered on top of a color :)

Don't forget to check out my Youtube video showing you live swatches of these color!

Thanks for reading, watching ;)
Hope you enjoy :D
XOXO Miriam

March 07, 2014

OPI - Spring 2014 - Brazil collection - Swatches!

Hello my dearies!

In january I was invited to a Press release for OPI's collection "Brazil"
GORGE collection as I'm sure many of you have already seen.
I was not able to go to that press release sadly so I ended up not getting that collection cause they ran out of pressamples at that event! :O ( sad, I know)
But I got so many request and comments from people saying that: they long for my swatches etc.
I felt so bad not being able to show you the colors!
So I ended up buying a mini-set of 4 of the colors from the 12.. and the special edition Liquid sand kit that ONLY comes out in a mini-kit... so here are my swatches :D
AAAAAND... a sweet friend of mine, blogger Ida, offered me her photo swatches! (how kind I know! <3 p="">
So here's a mix of her swatches and mine :)
All credit for her photos goes to Ida! "iiea.blogg.se"
Check her out if you havent already!

"Next stop... the bikini zone!"
I think this kind of color has been in many collections lately.
Not a fave of mine but it's shimmery and subtle.
This greyish purple is the only shimmer polish in this entire collection!

"Kiss me, I'm Brazilian"
LOVE this gorgeous bubblegum, barbie pink... what's not to love :D

"AmazON... AmazOFF
This kinda dark teal really fell in my arms...
It's kinda green, it's kinda blue :)

"Where did Suzi's man-go?"
hehe.. funny name! Great color! A peachy mango color.. I'm sure this will rock my nails for the summer
when I have a bit more of a tan :D yeey!

"Samba-dy loves purple"
A pinkish purple liquid sand with quite fine grains..
It's cute! Not my fave but definitely a cute color for spring and summer.

"I'm Brazil-nuts over you"
A hot pink with a little depth...Beautiful tone of pink!

"What's a little rain forest?"
Love this electric, turquoise blue.
First I thought it was really close to "Tiffany case".. but it really isnt...
Tiffanny case is waaay cooler, lighter blue and it has tons of silver shimmer in it.. 
This is just a plain, beautiful turquoise :)

"You're so flippy floppy"
Haha.. this names makes me giggle every time!
The mix of this sunshine yellow with liquid sand is just fabulous :D

"Don't bossa nova me around"

"Taupe-less beach"

"I São Paulo over there"

"OPI scores a goal!"

 "Toucan do it if you try" 


 "Red hot Rio"

 "I just can't cope-acabana"

More shortly

January 08, 2014

MAC Nailpolish Swatches!

Heeeey guys!!

Ok, I know I've been MIA for a long time.... BUT... it's mostly because I've been soo busy!!
Since November 18th I've started my nail business at a local salon right were I live :D yeeey!
So I do acrylic nails, gelnails and gelpolish etc for a living more frequently now :)
That's the main reason for my MIA.... But when I moved my business to that salon I moved some of my equipment too... therefore it's been a little hard to do what I did before.. I need to fix that :)

But here are swatches from MAC polishes!
I got sent a carepackage from the Nordic PR for MAC a while back and here are my swatches.
All of these colors are in the permanent selection :) So no limited editions here.. you WILL be able to find these if you would find any you like ;)

Also check out my swatch video talking about the polishes and their texture.. formula, opacity etc :)

I like to compare colors.. if I have dupes.. or colors close to being dupes...
So enjoy! :D

Soiree : Frost
Love this rose gold kind of color.
It really reminds me of OPI's "Designer de better!" but the last spoken is colder in it's tone and a little bit more "big chunk sparkle"
Below is a comparison between MAC - Soiree to the left and OPI Designer de better! to the right

Girl about town : Creme finish with WONDERFUL opacity. I LOOVE this color! A gorgeous hot pink to die for!
I did a comparison with this color from MAC and OPI's "Kiss me on my tulips"

Morange - Cream finish. Gorgeous! Also wonderful opacity.
Generally the creme polishes are great in their opactiy.
A complete DUPE to this color is OPI's "A good man-darin is hard to find"
Love love love! One of my favorite orange ones :)
Here's a comparison with OPI's "A good man-darin is hard to find"
Can you tell the difference;) ?

Anti-fashion : Frost
A very interesting color..purpleish greyish..taupe... ish :)
It's kinda cool! The second coat makes HUGE difference!
Here's a comparison with OPI's "The color to watch"
Not even a close dupe.. at first I really thought they would be :)but NOPE... ;)

Nightfall - a frost
A beautiful deep gunmetal grey.
A close color but not close enough to be called a dupe is OPI's "Peace & Love & OPI"
The second one spoken has a more green touch ..they're in the same family but not close to be twins ;)

OPI's Peace & Love & OPI to the left, MAC - Nightfall to the right

Formidable! - Pearl
A cool, special color.. it reminds me of a pigment I own from MAC named "Bluebrown"
On one thin coat it looks brown.. with coat nr 2 it looks deeper brown with tons of blueish shimmer.

That was it! Thanks for reading, watching! ;) Hope you enjoyed these pictures and that you watched my video :D Stay tuned for more!

XOXO Miriam