February 23, 2012

Kiss me on my tulips...

Hey everyone!

Today has been suuuuch a beautiful day! Truly like a springday! Wonderful:)
I was doing a nail tutorial for OPI and it was inspired by their spring collection Holland.
Here are my nails... guess the theme;)

Yeah.. soo... tulips :) I really like the name of the color that has the name as my title...
"Kiss me on my tulips".. how cute isnt that :) So I decided to make a design with tulips:D
Very Holland, very spring:)

So now my best friend is coming here cause we're getting ready, making ourselves "sexy"..haha.. going to a Cabaret:D yeey!! I'm excited :D

Hope you like my tulips ;)
Til next time babes!

February 14, 2012

"Nail evening"

Hi dear ladies!

Today I'm coming to you sharing my new nail design for today...
Here's how it came out :)

Tomorrow after work I'm going to a "nail evening"..
Some ladies at my husbands work heard I'm into nails and they where planning on having a girls night.
What better way to spend it then to get beautiful nails;)
So the host asked me to come and do nails on the ones who want to get their nails done:)
I said suuure! that's so nice :) Getting paid for doing nails AND dinner ;) awesome!!
I'll let you guys know how it went tomorrow when I get back from it.

The nails for today was just something.. um.. I felt that I must have some kind of "inspiring" nails myself :)
Yeah well.. :)

Have a wonderful evening my dear ladies!
Talk soon again;)
XOXO Miriam :)

February 09, 2012

Splatter and OPI Holland swatch

Hey ya'll beautiful ladies!

Feel like trying out some splatter design? Splatter? You mean shatter?
No :) I mean SPLATTER... hehe..
I saw this from a blog I'm following and I felt like trying it!

This is how it came out looking:)
I will do a tutorial shortly if anyone is interested:)

A very fun and creative way to expand your senses when it comes to polish.

Also today I did a swatch video for OPI.
Spring is around the corner and the swatch I'm doing is for OPI's spring collection
called "Holland".. I'm sure many of you have heard about it already.
It's a wonderful collection with a really "spring feel"...
Here are my swatches:
Pedal faster suzi!
A light sheer pink with a bit of a silvery/white shimmer

 Dutch'ya just love OPI? ( I know I do;))
A wooonderful purple with gold shimmer (my favourite)

The top one .. orange : A roll in the Hague
a creme colored bright happy orange
Greenish: Thanks a windmillion (looks a bit like Mermaids tears from the Pirates of the carribbean collection.
Coral red: Red lights ahead... where?
Deep beautiful coral red tone.
Beige: Did you 'ear about Van Gogh?
a light beige/brown.. kinda neutral. Fits most people I'd say

Top: Wooden shoe like to know? (LOOOVE the name:D )
a brownish taupe with gold shimmer
Darker blue : I have a herring problem
A soft blue with tons of light white shimmer
Lighter blue: I don't give a Rotterdam!
A light blue, similar to the one just mentioned but a lighter tone.
Reddish brown: Gouda gouda two shoes
A warm taupe/brown colored with red tones.

Gorgeous bubblegum pink:
Kiss me on mu tulips (giggles)

Plum purple:
Beautiful dark plum purple with tons of shimmer

 Phew.. that was a loooot of pictures.. hope I didnt bore you to death..
Til later my lovelies!
Good nights!! MWACKS!! Miriam

February 08, 2012


Sooo... my attempt of doing one stroke flowers came out looking like this:

On this set I did half a flower.. and on my thumb I tried the full flower (much harder)

(sorry for the blurryness) and here's the thumb.
When I take a new leap to try out this I always go check out tartofraises1 youtube channel.. she is AWESOME at doing these! Check her out:

and if you're interested in seeing her one stroke flower (much better than mine) here is an awesome one stroke flower design:

It's a beautiful way of doing nails and if and when you can handle it it will be beautiful!;) I believe in you!
Just get out there and PRACTICE!! Do try it out :)
Soo.. that's all for today.. I'll see you tomorrow;)
XOXO Miriam :)

Trying the one stroke flower design..

So yesterday I was trying the one stroke flower design..
Gosh!! It's A LOT harder than I thought... it looks so simple when other people are doing it..
Well.. practice makes perfect (so far just better).. I definitely feel more (not enough yet though) confident in trying it out. But I really like it and will practice as much as I can.. any tips on how to make it a bit easier?
I really need to get a better brush for it though.. were can I buy a good brush to make one stroke acrylic flowers? Tips anyone?
I'm going to US in april.. so if I can't find one before that I will probably look it up when being in the States..

Pics will come up shortly on my attempt of the one stroke flower design.
Now time for a late breakfast watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians" haha.. I love that show!

Take care of yourself! You're all beautiful! Don't forget that;)
Xoxo Miriam

January 26, 2012


Today during my lunchbreak I went to run som errands... I found all the things I was looking for and when I passed the store " The Body Shop" my eyes just instantly got drawn to this brown stand...haha.. sounds funny.
They launched (yesterday) a new Body series product!
Chocomania! WONDERFUL!!
Smells like cocoa, chocolate.. VACATION!:D

Here's what is looks like:

If you have The Body Store nearby I really recommend you to go smell it!!
Now I just came out of the shower using my new schampoo & conditoner (Matrix)
and filled my body with Chocomania bodybutter.. I want to eat myself...haha..

Many customers at my job today commented on my nails. A little something to brighten up the day...!
Now just sitting in my towel listening to Ella Fitzgerald and waiting for my hubby to come home.
Am thinking about what my next nail tutorial will be... I do have my Disney Princess series going on and I do believe the upcoming "princess" is Pocahontas:)
Time for working on ideas. Any suggestions on colors or so for Pocahontas? I was thinking about doing the necklace she wears.. or something simliar.

Time for some tea.. then bed. Busy workday tomorrow:)
Have a lovely evening gorgeous ladies!
Yours truly// Miriam

January 25, 2012

Nicki Minaj inspired

Hey everyone!

After MONTHS (literally, I'm sorry) I'm going to be back on track here :)
First of all I didnt think nobody was looking or reading here anyway so that's one reason why I havent been uploading anything in ages..BUT, now I will:D

Today I'm having a day off work.. LOVELY! Been out on looong walks in the cold but sunny winterday with my doggy :)

Now I've been working on a design that I'm doing for OPI Sweden.
Some of you might now that I'm having a "partnership" with OPI Sweden for their facebook page.
I'm doing inspirational designs and showing their new collections on nails.

So this is what I did for today.. this will come up on their facebook page on friday but I'm working so much the coming 2 days so I have to do it now.. Please tell me what you think about it :)

It's inspired by Nicki Minaj, since OPI did a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and her own nail polish collection from OPI. So I've been looking at videos with her.. pictures etc. and now I did a design from her pink suit with white patterns that she wears in the beginning (and the middle) of her music video "Super bass" ...
I love that she's so colorful :)
And one nail is kind of fishscale pattern from the swimsuit she wears in the middle of the video when she's in the pink water (tihi tihi) :)

with flash

without flash, daylight

me and the nails ;) hehe

So that's all for today.. Now I'm heading off to a friend to do some zumba ;) yehaaaw!! :D
Take care all my lovely ladies!
MWACKS!! // Miriam