August 02, 2011

Long day

So today was one of the longest working days I've ever had... :P
11 hours with only 15 minutes break... I'm kinda tired now..............

Time for a nice shower then sleep.... I re-did my nails yesterday....
To a royal sapphire blue design :)

Good night everyone :) Hope you're enjoying beautiful weather and hopefully some nice vacation! :)
All my Love to you!!// Miriam

July 27, 2011

Beautiful summer day!

Today has been soooo nice!!
I went to work pretty early in the morning.. being such a beautiful morning already I didnt really feel like going but what to do... I'm there only a short while when my boss calls and says that one of us can go home..
And guess who that person came to be.... ME :D
I've been working full time for a while now and today's weather was sooooo beautiful!
So I called my husband and he said that if I got the day off so would he... so we went home, made lunch and went to the beach and laid in the grass by the water :) LOVELY!!!!
Later we ordered some pizza and went out again by the water and just relaxed... I soo needed this day off so I enjoyed every second :) Tomorrow will be a full workday though but now I feel refilled with energy!
Hope you guys are doing great :)
Enjoy every day, never forget a moment :)
All my Love // Miriam

July 26, 2011

Busy bee

Sooo... not being used to working full time I've been pretty exhausted...summer is a busy time working in a beauty supply store as I do.. a small store so we're not very many people working there.

Love my job! I get to do nails! Makeup counseling etc.

Trying to refresh my nails as often as possible... This is my design for now :)

Inspired by lace.. so a simple lace design.. here is my tutorial for it :)

Today was SUCH a beautiful day and I had to be inside.. working .. were there where almost no people because of the beautiful weather.. not fair :P but what to do...
I will have some time off work in august when my brother and his wife from Florida are visiting:D yey!

Now time for bed.. early morning for work tomorrow.
Take care everyone!
Mwacks!! All my Love // Miriam :)

June 20, 2011

Fruity tooty

So much has happened since I last wrote in my blog here..
IF you read my blog.. sorry I havent written anything in quite some time now...:S
I've been attending a family gathering :) it was a lot of fun.. and for your info, I did buy that coral dress, and here comes a pic of me in it on the family gathering :)

I was also invited to a V.I.P gathering in Stockholm for OPI :)
It was the launch of their fall collection " Touring America ".
We'll see if I can keep up me writing here frequently.
Please let me know if there's anyone reading my blog so I know wheter to keep writing here or not.
Take care! Peace out :)

May 23, 2011

Crazy for coral!

I've always loved the color coral... in all it's shades..
Today I tried on a gooorgeous dress at H&M that I so badly want!!
What you think about it?

And of course the nails had to be coral as well;)

On thursday my husband and I + a group of friends are going on a cruise to Estonia! Woho!! :)
"Coral out! :)

May 08, 2011

Nail polish rack!

Finally I've gotten a more decent storage solution for my nail polishes.
My husband and I went to IKEA yesterday and we bought some shelves to use for my nail polishes.
I'm really happy with the result!! This is how it came out...

I need to buy two more of those though.. :P they couldn't all fit.. chucks...
Tomorrow will be the first day at my new job!! :D how exciting!! 

May 06, 2011


My favourite day of the week.. FINALLY FRIDAY!!

It's funny, cause.. since I havent been working for about a month now I've been having like friday everyday.. almost.. but still.. there is something special about fridays:)

Starting my new job on monday will bring me an even more pleasure of fridays.
Nothing special to report today.

Tomorrow my husband and I are going to IKEA for some shopping:)
After that going to my sister and husbands house to help out a little and then later for some bbq in their backyard:)

Hope you guys are having a wonderful friday like me.
Xoxo Miriam :)

May 05, 2011

Pink roses

Such a fun idea... Today I went to work to get styled .. and we had a photo shoot :)
A photographer took pictures on all of the employees. We where all down on the floor.. in a star formation..haha.. but the focus was on our heads.. the makeup and hair of course:)

This is my look they did on me :)

I'll see if I can get a hand on some of the pictures from today.

Monday is my actual start date for my new job so I'm excited about that.

Did some new nails yesterday inspired by a jewellery designer named Thomas Sabo.
He does beeeeeautiful jewellery and at least here in sweden he's very famous for his charm bracelets.

Here are my nails, I also did a tutorial on youtube for it :)

Time to go make some dinner. My husband will be home any minute and my little doggie is running aorund my legs wanting for attention.. :)haha..

Tootles for now!! <3

May 04, 2011

New job contract signed - Check!

Today I went back to the salon where I'm about to start my new job :) Time for some signing of contracts...
And I had the chance to meet a lovely girl named Sandra who was a salesperson for Chanel.. she did some makeup on people and gave us some "good to know" info.

Starting my new job for real on monday:D yeeey!!
 These are my nails for today :)

OPI - Planks a lot from the latest collection "Pirates of the Carribeean" ! LOVE IT!
Funny, when I realize that I've been changing my nails aaalmost every single day for a week now..haha..
I should let my nails rest for a couple of days..
Planning on doing a new nail video first. Interested in seeing how to do this design or should I do a video of something completely different?

May 03, 2011

Nail polish collection

I was doing some cleaning at home.. now cleaning the office were I film my videos and have a big space just for that.. then I decided to continue my cleaning (haha.. cleaning cleaning cleaning) also amoung my nail polishes.

This is now my current collection.
119 nail polishes ( I do also have around 40 two way nail polishes as well)

Do bi do

Great morning, except for the snow that was on the ground this morning!!!
Now it's gone though..thankfully...

Yesterday was a good day, the interview went great... I GOT THE JOB!! :D
I'll be signing the contract tomorrow. Woho!!

For my interview I wanted to have some nice fresh nails.. So I did a nice combo with
OPI - San tan-tonio and OPI - Suzi loves cowboys.
Here's how it looks:)

Today will only be a day to take care of our home.. do some cleaning, laundry etc.
The dark clouds and the rain in the air makes it feel better doing those things though.
I'm gonna get a big cup of tea and just hang around on the couch when I'm done will all my chores:)

Hang on tight! I'm gonna do a nail tutorial on youtube tomorrow night.

We also bought new bedside tables and a bedstead.
I love it so much!

Til later my lovely ladies! (and who knows, men;) )

May 02, 2011



Since me and my husband moved to our new city 4 weeks ago I havent gotten a job...(he has)
When sitting eating a late breakfast this morning, I got a phonecall from a salon where I left my resumé.

They are really interested in knowing more about me so at 3pm my time I will go there!! Whiie!
Wish me luck :)

AND, I also got a nail polish in the mail today!!
I love the poolside collection from China glaze, I have Flip flop fantasy and Towel boy toy already and today I recieved my Kiwi-cool-ada.. yeeey!! :)Here it is! It's awesome! Really cool for summer.

So now I have to go get ready, make myself uber pretty and soon to head off to the salon;)

May 01, 2011

A chillin day

Today is the premiere day of my new blogg.
I'll try my best to fill it with nail art designs, inspiration and pictures.

Days like today are nice once in a while..
We slept til 11.. had a long nice breakfast..

Around 5 my sister and husband came for pancakes:)
Love today...haha.. I've been thinking of a nail design I wish to try out.. 
We'll see if I'm able to fix it... One of the nails broke a little today..:(

Any ideas on nail designs you'd like to see?