October 23, 2013

Playing with textures

Aloha peeeps!! 
Hope you're all great :)
Here's a simple nail tutorial I made today inspired by mixing textures.

Check out my tutorial for this design :D

Love you all!
Take care! XOXO Miriam

October 07, 2013

My Top 10 Favorite China glaze polishes with swatches :)

Hello sweetiepies!!

How's fall treating ya?? Great I hope :) ;)
Today I'll be sharing my top 10 favorite China glaze polishes.
When I uploaded my top 10 favorite OPI polishes it was really popular and a lot of people asked for more videos like that with other brands.. so here is my china glaze top 10 :D yeeey!!!
Hope you likey ;)

"Re-fresh mint"
A beautiful mint, fresh as dew ;)

A gorgeous aqua, turquoise blueish green. VERY similar to "For Audrey"

"Highlight of my summer"
A gorgeous pistachio neon minty green. LOVE IT!!

"Peachy keen"
Aaaaa... gotta love this peachy orange!! 

"Strawberry fields"
Who wouldnt love a field of strawberries in the sun.. yummers!!
And the glints of gold makes it even B-E-T-T-E-R!!

"Flip flop fantasy"
OMG... this color is THE BEST!!! On tan skin.. (GORGEOUS!!) on pale skin (you look more tan!!!:O )

"Celtic sun (neon)"
Love me my neons :) Neon yellow.. what could go wrong???

"Below deck"
A greyish, purple taupe.. Perfect for those more "neutral days" :)

Perfect covering multi colored glitter! Gorge!

 "It's a trap-eze!"
How cool isnt this? It's just so different with it's milky white base and multicolored glitters!!

Thank you so much for watching my lovelies!

Don't forget to check out my video to hear me talk a little about each polish.. you don't wanna miss ;) (hehehe)

Here's a treat for you.. a picture taken from my balcony with the beautiful fallcolors :)

Take care! Talk to you soon again ;)
Love you all!!

XOXO Miriam


September 30, 2013

Easy glitter removal - tutorial -

Hello my loves!!

Many of you have requested a video showing you how to easy remove glitter.
So here it is! A lot of people have been doing tutorials like this but here's my take on it :)
Hope you enjoy!!

Check out my video for the tutorial! <3 p="">

Love you all!!

XOXO Miriam

September 20, 2013

Easy flower design on a glitter bed ;)

Helloooo ladies!

Happy friday!!! 
I havent done a nail tutorial in quite some time so that's what I want to share with you today.
A super simple flower design on a glitter base.
I know I didnt execute the flowers as well as I could've.. I need to get some better brushes..

Anyway.. hope you like it :)

And here's to see the color indoors and in daylight...
A hot pink from the OPI Designer Series called "Bold"

Check out my tutorial on Youtube!! :)

Have a lovely weekend!
Love you all!!
XOXO Miriam


September 17, 2013

OPI - Winter/Christmas collection 2013 "Mariah Carey" -Live swatches-

Helloooo there!

Now, this is a much anticipated post/video!!
OPI's winter christmas collection for 2013, a collab with Mariah Carey! (once more, yes I know :) )
12 regular polishes and 6 liquid sands.. now, can you believe! 18 polishes!!!
Crazy big collection! ( LOVE IT! ) :)

Now these are a mix of glitters, shimmers, cremes and liquid sands...
I have a couple of favorites already ;) 

"All I want for Christmas is OPI"
A beautiful deep, redish maroon.

"In my santa suit"
The typical "christmas red" in my opinion. Love all the shimmers in it!

"Underneath the mistletoe"
A deep spicy, candy apple red. Whooah :)

"Cute little vixen"
A deep, red violet tone.. with a touch of pink :)

"Sleighride for two"
A very interesting color.. greyish, brownish, hot chocolate color.

"Visions of love"
A beautiful, creamy rich burgundy...

"Ski slope sweetie"
One of my faves.. this gorgeous golden shimmery pearl color.
LOVELY on top of any color or gorgeous on it's own with 2 coats.

"My favorite ornament"
Love this champagne silvery glitter!!!

"Wonderous star"
A silvery shimmer with black glitters and gold flecks.

"All sparkly and gold"
Very approperiat name... goldy and sparkly :) with a hint of brown in the  clear polish:)

"Warm me up"
A spicy, greyish coffe color

"I snow you love me"
Disco light confetti in a clear base. Hard to apply but gorgeous when you get it right :) I placed the confettis with a toothpick for best result.

"It's frosty outside"
A silver liquid sand with tons of shimmer. Gorge!

"Silent stars go by"
A pale blush, pink liquid sand.. up for neutrals? This might be your thing ;)

"Make him mine"
This is a slightly darker version of Silent stars go by.. also a blush, little darker toned pink liquid sand.

"Baby please come home"
Violet purple liquid sand.. Shimmer away!

"Kiss me at midnight"
I really like this cool frosty blue liquid sand :)

A black liquid sand with black glimmers inside..

Now that was all for this time.. pheew that was a lot of colors to go through :)
But I had fun doing it! Thank you so much for reading, watching.. commenting :D

Don't forget to check out my video for the live swatches with application and my view of these polishes:)

Have a lovely fall!!

XOXO Miriam

September 13, 2013

OPI - Designer Series 2 new colors for fall 2013

Hellooooo ya'll!

Excited about fall approaching?
For me, I have mixed emotions... I miss being able to walk around in flip flops and a little dress...
But it's also nice to snuggle up in a big blanket, lighting some candles and sipping on tea.

Today I'll show you 2 new polishes from OPI and their "Designer Series" polishes.
Did you know that the DS polishes contain diamondpowder? Actual diamonds??
How cool is that! I didnt know that and got to learn it recently. These kind of polishes are really expensive, but now I know why :)

First up is a cold toned purple, truly sparkly.
Drying to a semi matte finish so if you want it really shiny, don't forget to apply a good top coat :)

"DS Lapis"

Second is a cool toned, gunmetal pewter.
This also dries to a semi-matte finish so on with your top coat and you're good to sparkle away.

"DS Pewter"

So these where the polishes for this time :)
Don't forget to check out my video to see how they apply with my live swatches!

Have a sparkly weekend all of you my loved ones :)



August 25, 2013

My Top 10 favorite OPI polishes!!

Hello my loves!

Long time no see AGAIN.. geeeez.. I'm bad.. sorry about that..
Here are the swatches from my latest video "My Top 10 OPI favorite Polishes"
If you havent seen my video yet GO CHECK IT OUT! :D

Here are the swatches if you want to get a closer look ;)

"I juggle...men"
A beautiful neutral shimmer that looks good on top of ANYTHING!

"Designer de better!"
A gorgeous rose gold from the muppet collection a couple of winters ago. LOVELY!

"Chic from ears to tail"
A cute bubblegum barbie pink perfect for any occasion

"Strawberry margarita"
The perfect bold pink! Looks good on anyone!
A classic that has been around for quite some time

"A good man-darin is hard to find"
Don't you just love it for the name?? hahaha.. AND for the gorgeous bright orange!

 One of THE most beautiful colors EVER!!!!
Love this mix of corally orange with gold, and then the texture!

Step right into this flakey gold.. a true warm gold that spices up anyones nails :)

"Every month is oktoberfest"
This is a real killer! GORGE!! Perfect for the upcoming fall or winter..
Love me some plum, burgundy, brownish purple :) 

Time to glitter away my loves :D
Wonderful glitter with gold,purple,blue and yellow hints of glitter :)

"My Private Jet"
Last but not the least, my love, my galaxy love!
Woot woot!

Hope you enjoyed these swatches!
Don't forget to check out my video to hear what I have to say about these GORGEOUS polishes!

Love you all!
Peace out XOXO

July 01, 2013

OPI - San Francisco - Fall collection 2013

Hello my loves!
Today I'm doing swatches for you showing you the coming collection from OPI and their fall collection for 2013 - San Francisco -
This collection is a mix of reds and "sea" colors :)
Normally a large collection has 12 colors. This one has 15!
12 regular polishes and 3 liquid sand polishes.

This collection will be out in stores in August!!

Here are the swatches :)

"A piers-to be tan"
A yellowtoned, nutty, hazeulnut brown.
This can be a bit hard to wear but if you have a nice tan and the right toned skin for this you'll look great in it.
Here's what it looks like outdoors in the shade

"I knead sour-dough"
This breadish red brown has really pretty shimmer in it.
A pretty unique color to me..

Here's the color outdoor in the shade

 "First date at the golden gate"
This is a beautiful ruby red. Want to be "the lady in red"? Then this is for you ;)
Here's the  color outdoors in the shade


"Lost on Lombard"
A darker version of the previous color. It also has a brownish tone in it.
The same color outdoors in the shade

"Embarca-dare ya"
Love this raspberry magenta shimmer polish.
It comes out lighter onto the nail than in the bottle, I found that to be a good thing:)
 Outdoor in the shade

"In the cable car-pool lane"
Here's a burgundy, plum jellylike color. I did a comparions in my live swatches video showing you a comparison with "Anti-bleak" and also "Casino Royale". Curious? Check it out :)

Ourdoor in the shade

"Peace & Love & OPI"
This is a superpretty duochrome color. OPI describes this as a holographic, it isnt. Too bad.. but it's really pretty.
Here's what it looks like outdoors in the shade

"Muir muir on the wall"
This dark gorgeous burgundy gives me the chills! GORGE!! It's been compared to the color "Every month is Oktoberfest" from last years fall collection and I must say they are SIMILAR.. but not as close as people say... in my opinion. Either way, it's beautiful! Very sheer with just 1 coat with splash on coat nr 2 and you'll gasp.
Outdoors in the shade

"Dining al frisco"
Light blue, like the sky! kinda icy blue.. lovely! 
This shimmery blue will lift your spirit ;)
Outdoor in the shade 
"Keeping Suzi at bay"
A kind of a dusty medium blue. Almost like a mix of a royal blue and superman blue :)
Outdoors in the shade

"Incognito in Sausalito"
A very dark, dusty, ink black blue. Dark as the night.
Love this creme :) Great opacity
Outdoors in the shade

"Haven't the foggiest"
A beautiful silvery grey with tons of shimmer!
WOWZA opacity and just gorge!
Outdoors in the shade


"It's all san andreas's fault!"
A cold toned taupe with absolutely no shimmer. A really interesting color that dries with the liquid sand texture and pretty much "matte" in the color.
 Outdoors in the shade

"Wharf, wharf, wharf!"
A medium dark blue with no glitter in the blue liquid sand either.
Me like :)
Outdoors in the shade

"Alcatraz... rocks"
LOOOOVE this color!! A glittery liquid sand blasted with glitters in the colors of purple, blue, gold etc.
this is a must have!!!!
 Outdoors in the shade

Make sure to check out my live swatches!

Thank you so much for reading, looking, commenting :)
Ask away if you have any questions.

 Love you all!

Xoxo Miriam