January 08, 2014

MAC Nailpolish Swatches!

Heeeey guys!!

Ok, I know I've been MIA for a long time.... BUT... it's mostly because I've been soo busy!!
Since November 18th I've started my nail business at a local salon right were I live :D yeeey!
So I do acrylic nails, gelnails and gelpolish etc for a living more frequently now :)
That's the main reason for my MIA.... But when I moved my business to that salon I moved some of my equipment too... therefore it's been a little hard to do what I did before.. I need to fix that :)

But here are swatches from MAC polishes!
I got sent a carepackage from the Nordic PR for MAC a while back and here are my swatches.
All of these colors are in the permanent selection :) So no limited editions here.. you WILL be able to find these if you would find any you like ;)

Also check out my swatch video talking about the polishes and their texture.. formula, opacity etc :)

I like to compare colors.. if I have dupes.. or colors close to being dupes...
So enjoy! :D

Soiree : Frost
Love this rose gold kind of color.
It really reminds me of OPI's "Designer de better!" but the last spoken is colder in it's tone and a little bit more "big chunk sparkle"
Below is a comparison between MAC - Soiree to the left and OPI Designer de better! to the right

Girl about town : Creme finish with WONDERFUL opacity. I LOOVE this color! A gorgeous hot pink to die for!
I did a comparison with this color from MAC and OPI's "Kiss me on my tulips"

Morange - Cream finish. Gorgeous! Also wonderful opacity.
Generally the creme polishes are great in their opactiy.
A complete DUPE to this color is OPI's "A good man-darin is hard to find"
Love love love! One of my favorite orange ones :)
Here's a comparison with OPI's "A good man-darin is hard to find"
Can you tell the difference;) ?

Anti-fashion : Frost
A very interesting color..purpleish greyish..taupe... ish :)
It's kinda cool! The second coat makes HUGE difference!
Here's a comparison with OPI's "The color to watch"
Not even a close dupe.. at first I really thought they would be :)but NOPE... ;)

Nightfall - a frost
A beautiful deep gunmetal grey.
A close color but not close enough to be called a dupe is OPI's "Peace & Love & OPI"
The second one spoken has a more green touch ..they're in the same family but not close to be twins ;)

OPI's Peace & Love & OPI to the left, MAC - Nightfall to the right

Formidable! - Pearl
A cool, special color.. it reminds me of a pigment I own from MAC named "Bluebrown"
On one thin coat it looks brown.. with coat nr 2 it looks deeper brown with tons of blueish shimmer.

That was it! Thanks for reading, watching! ;) Hope you enjoyed these pictures and that you watched my video :D Stay tuned for more!

XOXO Miriam