January 26, 2012


Today during my lunchbreak I went to run som errands... I found all the things I was looking for and when I passed the store " The Body Shop" my eyes just instantly got drawn to this brown stand...haha.. sounds funny.
They launched (yesterday) a new Body series product!
Chocomania! WONDERFUL!!
Smells like cocoa, chocolate.. VACATION!:D

Here's what is looks like:

If you have The Body Store nearby I really recommend you to go smell it!!
Now I just came out of the shower using my new schampoo & conditoner (Matrix)
and filled my body with Chocomania bodybutter.. I want to eat myself...haha..

Many customers at my job today commented on my nails. A little something to brighten up the day...!
Now just sitting in my towel listening to Ella Fitzgerald and waiting for my hubby to come home.
Am thinking about what my next nail tutorial will be... I do have my Disney Princess series going on and I do believe the upcoming "princess" is Pocahontas:)
Time for working on ideas. Any suggestions on colors or so for Pocahontas? I was thinking about doing the necklace she wears.. or something simliar.

Time for some tea.. then bed. Busy workday tomorrow:)
Have a lovely evening gorgeous ladies!
Yours truly// Miriam

January 25, 2012

Nicki Minaj inspired

Hey everyone!

After MONTHS (literally, I'm sorry) I'm going to be back on track here :)
First of all I didnt think nobody was looking or reading here anyway so that's one reason why I havent been uploading anything in ages..BUT, now I will:D

Today I'm having a day off work.. LOVELY! Been out on looong walks in the cold but sunny winterday with my doggy :)

Now I've been working on a design that I'm doing for OPI Sweden.
Some of you might now that I'm having a "partnership" with OPI Sweden for their facebook page.
I'm doing inspirational designs and showing their new collections on nails.

So this is what I did for today.. this will come up on their facebook page on friday but I'm working so much the coming 2 days so I have to do it now.. Please tell me what you think about it :)

It's inspired by Nicki Minaj, since OPI did a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and her own nail polish collection from OPI. So I've been looking at videos with her.. pictures etc. and now I did a design from her pink suit with white patterns that she wears in the beginning (and the middle) of her music video "Super bass" ...
I love that she's so colorful :)
And one nail is kind of fishscale pattern from the swimsuit she wears in the middle of the video when she's in the pink water (tihi tihi) :)

with flash

without flash, daylight

me and the nails ;) hehe

So that's all for today.. Now I'm heading off to a friend to do some zumba ;) yehaaaw!! :D
Take care all my lovely ladies!
MWACKS!! // Miriam