March 20, 2013

Luxorious Leopard

Luxorious leopard

Who doesnt love leopard? I know I do.. the funny thing is I always used to HATE leopard...
hahaha.. My thought was : Only old ladies wear leopard...

My mind has changed and now I LOVE leopard ^^
Funny how things change :)

For some time I've been having some brainfreeze when trying to figure out new nail art designs to do.
I can sometimes sit in my nail room and just draw and draw... I get GREAT ideas (at least in my head) and when I try to do them it fails... *wah wah wah wah*

Well, today I ended up doing this design, a design I call : Luxorious Leopard.
Using pink as the base and gold for the spots with black detailing.

I hope you enjoy the design and that you like it.
Try it out for yourself if you want and if you do, feel free to show me pics!
Link to me on instagram @mirlid86
Or tweet me :) @MiriamLiden

and now for the nails :)

If you like to see how it's done, then check out my tutorial on youtube :)

Take care my beauties!
Til next time :)

Love you all!!

Mwacks! Miriam

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