October 07, 2013

My Top 10 Favorite China glaze polishes with swatches :)

Hello sweetiepies!!

How's fall treating ya?? Great I hope :) ;)
Today I'll be sharing my top 10 favorite China glaze polishes.
When I uploaded my top 10 favorite OPI polishes it was really popular and a lot of people asked for more videos like that with other brands.. so here is my china glaze top 10 :D yeeey!!!
Hope you likey ;)

"Re-fresh mint"
A beautiful mint, fresh as dew ;)

A gorgeous aqua, turquoise blueish green. VERY similar to "For Audrey"

"Highlight of my summer"
A gorgeous pistachio neon minty green. LOVE IT!!

"Peachy keen"
Aaaaa... gotta love this peachy orange!! 

"Strawberry fields"
Who wouldnt love a field of strawberries in the sun.. yummers!!
And the glints of gold makes it even B-E-T-T-E-R!!

"Flip flop fantasy"
OMG... this color is THE BEST!!! On tan skin.. (GORGEOUS!!) on pale skin (you look more tan!!!:O )

"Celtic sun (neon)"
Love me my neons :) Neon yellow.. what could go wrong???

"Below deck"
A greyish, purple taupe.. Perfect for those more "neutral days" :)

Perfect covering multi colored glitter! Gorge!

 "It's a trap-eze!"
How cool isnt this? It's just so different with it's milky white base and multicolored glitters!!

Thank you so much for watching my lovelies!

Don't forget to check out my video to hear me talk a little about each polish.. you don't wanna miss ;) (hehehe)

Here's a treat for you.. a picture taken from my balcony with the beautiful fallcolors :)

Take care! Talk to you soon again ;)
Love you all!!

XOXO Miriam


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