March 07, 2014

OPI - Spring 2014 - Brazil collection - Swatches!

Hello my dearies!

In january I was invited to a Press release for OPI's collection "Brazil"
GORGE collection as I'm sure many of you have already seen.
I was not able to go to that press release sadly so I ended up not getting that collection cause they ran out of pressamples at that event! :O ( sad, I know)
But I got so many request and comments from people saying that: they long for my swatches etc.
I felt so bad not being able to show you the colors!
So I ended up buying a mini-set of 4 of the colors from the 12.. and the special edition Liquid sand kit that ONLY comes out in a mini-kit... so here are my swatches :D
AAAAAND... a sweet friend of mine, blogger Ida, offered me her photo swatches! (how kind I know! <3 p="">
So here's a mix of her swatches and mine :)
All credit for her photos goes to Ida! "iiea.blogg.se"
Check her out if you havent already!

"Next stop... the bikini zone!"
I think this kind of color has been in many collections lately.
Not a fave of mine but it's shimmery and subtle.
This greyish purple is the only shimmer polish in this entire collection!

"Kiss me, I'm Brazilian"
LOVE this gorgeous bubblegum, barbie pink... what's not to love :D

"AmazON... AmazOFF
This kinda dark teal really fell in my arms...
It's kinda green, it's kinda blue :)

"Where did Suzi's man-go?"
hehe.. funny name! Great color! A peachy mango color.. I'm sure this will rock my nails for the summer
when I have a bit more of a tan :D yeey!

"Samba-dy loves purple"
A pinkish purple liquid sand with quite fine grains..
It's cute! Not my fave but definitely a cute color for spring and summer.

"I'm Brazil-nuts over you"
A hot pink with a little depth...Beautiful tone of pink!

"What's a little rain forest?"
Love this electric, turquoise blue.
First I thought it was really close to "Tiffany case".. but it really isnt...
Tiffanny case is waaay cooler, lighter blue and it has tons of silver shimmer in it.. 
This is just a plain, beautiful turquoise :)

"You're so flippy floppy"
Haha.. this names makes me giggle every time!
The mix of this sunshine yellow with liquid sand is just fabulous :D

"Don't bossa nova me around"

"Taupe-less beach"

"I São Paulo over there"

"OPI scores a goal!"

 "Toucan do it if you try" 


 "Red hot Rio"

 "I just can't cope-acabana"

More shortly

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