March 19, 2014

OPI Soft shades 2014 -Muppets most Wanted- Swatches!

Hellooo ya'll!

Spring is just around the corner.. we've had a couple of weeks with beautiful weather, feeling just like spring! Sadly, today snow fell from the sky :P .. it wont stick around for long I think but... still..

Here are the swatches of OPI's Soft shades for 2014!
Inspired once again by the muppets!
"Muppets most Wanted"

"Int'l crime caper"
A very soft pearlescent white with hints of purple in the shimmer.
Reminds me a little of "I snow you love me"

"I love applause"
A very cold toned soft pink with very good opacity!

"Chillin' like a villain"
Beautiful peachy soft pink. Much warmer in it's tone than "I love applause"..
Gorge soft shade!

"Kermit me to speak"
I find that this kind of color has been in almost every collection lately.
A muted gray with tons of purple specks.

"Miss Piggy's big number"
A purple/royal blue kind of color. Really beautiful and I found that the
color looked a lot more purple when it came onto the nails :)

"Let's do anything we want"
Now onto some glitters! This glitter has the same kind of white pieces in it as "Lights of emerald city" from the Oz collection! But the similarites end there;) this is a soft rosy pink with different sized glitters in it.

"Muppets world tour"
Lovely glitter filled with tons of glitter! Very compact polish with good opacity. Perfect for you who wish to have a glitter-polish on it's own :)

"Gaining mole-mentum"
LOVE this flakey gold! Two of the fingers are solely with the glitter and two of the nails have "Chillin' like a villain" underneath to show you what if could look like layered on top of a color :)

Don't forget to check out my Youtube video showing you live swatches of these color!

Thanks for reading, watching ;)
Hope you enjoy :D
XOXO Miriam

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