July 26, 2011

Busy bee

Sooo... not being used to working full time I've been pretty exhausted...summer is a busy time working in a beauty supply store as I do.. a small store so we're not very many people working there.

Love my job! I get to do nails! Makeup counseling etc.

Trying to refresh my nails as often as possible... This is my design for now :)

Inspired by lace.. so a simple lace design.. here is my tutorial for it :)

Today was SUCH a beautiful day and I had to be inside.. working .. were there where almost no people because of the beautiful weather.. not fair :P but what to do...
I will have some time off work in august when my brother and his wife from Florida are visiting:D yey!

Now time for bed.. early morning for work tomorrow.
Take care everyone!
Mwacks!! All my Love // Miriam :)

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