January 25, 2012

Nicki Minaj inspired

Hey everyone!

After MONTHS (literally, I'm sorry) I'm going to be back on track here :)
First of all I didnt think nobody was looking or reading here anyway so that's one reason why I havent been uploading anything in ages..BUT, now I will:D

Today I'm having a day off work.. LOVELY! Been out on looong walks in the cold but sunny winterday with my doggy :)

Now I've been working on a design that I'm doing for OPI Sweden.
Some of you might now that I'm having a "partnership" with OPI Sweden for their facebook page.
I'm doing inspirational designs and showing their new collections on nails.

So this is what I did for today.. this will come up on their facebook page on friday but I'm working so much the coming 2 days so I have to do it now.. Please tell me what you think about it :)

It's inspired by Nicki Minaj, since OPI did a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and her own nail polish collection from OPI. So I've been looking at videos with her.. pictures etc. and now I did a design from her pink suit with white patterns that she wears in the beginning (and the middle) of her music video "Super bass" ...
I love that she's so colorful :)
And one nail is kind of fishscale pattern from the swimsuit she wears in the middle of the video when she's in the pink water (tihi tihi) :)

with flash

without flash, daylight

me and the nails ;) hehe

So that's all for today.. Now I'm heading off to a friend to do some zumba ;) yehaaaw!! :D
Take care all my lovely ladies!
MWACKS!! // Miriam