April 20, 2013

OPI - Couture de Minnie - Swatches

Heeey everyone!

Time for some more swatches!!! (WOHOOO)
I have quite some products to swatch for you .. I've gotten 2 collections from OPI 
(this is the second one for now, the other one was The Bond girls which I have swatches of on this blog if you look a couple of days back) 
And also some pressamples from Sally Hansen so I've been planning on doing swatchvideos 3 fridays in a row.

Here's swatches, friday nr 2. Showing you OPI's summer collections named "Couture de Minnie"

First up is this gorgeous fuschia with a touch of shimmer in it
"A definite moust-have"

Second is a cute bubblegum, Barbie light pink, also with a hint of shimmer
"Chic from ears to tail"
Here's a crimson red also with shimmer
"Innie Minnie mighty bow"

Next is a cute glitter with red & white hexagon glitters in a clear base
(Best as a top coat but works on it's own if you work with it)
"Minnie style"
 Here's this strawberry red/pink. A liquid sand... new favorite of mine!
 "Magazine cover mouse" 

These are quite similar to last years collection also inspired 
by Minnie Mouse named "Vintage Minnie Mouse"
I did some comparing with the colors but not in pics. So if you want to see them, go to my live swatches video on Youtube :)

Hope this is helpful!

Questions? Ask away!

Thanks for being so awesome! Love you all!! 

Xoxo Miriam


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