May 07, 2013

Sally Hansen/Rimmel Swatches & Sally Hansen Nail polish strips instructions

Heeeeey girls!

Wow!! I just realized I forgot to post my 2 latest uploaded video here..
So here goes for video nr 1!
Sally Hansen + Rimmel swatches :)

Calypso Blue
Naked ambition
Chic cherry
Aqua cool
 Something new
 Save the date

I did an instructional video showing you how to apply SallyHansen nail polish strips.

As I'm sure you know, there are several other brands that also does these kinds of strips.
I've actually never tried strips like this before... (except for a failed try with some cheap strips I got)
People have been telling me that Sally Hansen does the best nail polish strips... A good reason for that can be that the strips are ACTUAL nail polish.

I found them really easy to work with...

Here comes a link to my video :)
Check it out!

Love you all!!

Happy spring/summer :D (Can't believe it's here already:D yeeey!!!)


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