May 28, 2013

Keep forgetting :S

Heeellooo ya'll :D

Wow... I really suck at this blog thing.. I keep forgetting to post the things I upload on my Youtube channel.
Youtube is really my thing but I feel I want to have the same things on this blog.
So please forgive me for being so bad at remembering to upload posts here.

This video will show you swatches from the Orly Mashup & MegaPixel collections.
Enjoy! :D

First 2 are from the MashUp collection
Harmonius mess - a kind of dusty periwinkle creme. I found the formula creamy and great, the first coat was on the sheer side depending on how much you had on your brush but it built up really easily. I used 2 coats that I normally do and it covered great! Preeetty!!!

Choreographed Chaos - I LOVE this bubblegum pink, it has some kinf of blue shimmer.The shimmer is not very strong but you can see it when the light hits the nail in different angles.  First coat was a little bit sheer but on 2 coats it covered really well. I really like it!

Next pics are from the MegaPixel collection

Aqua pixel - an aqua blue "pixel" polish. It has the textued effect as we've seen lately from OPI with their name: Liquid sand (I have swatches of all of their liquid sand polishes)
and Zoya's Pixie Dust. 

Rose pixel - A rosy champagne beige with tons of metallic shimmer. Really pretty and with 2 coats (as seen on the pic) it covers well and dries to this semi-matte textured polish.
I find these "pixel" polishes not to be as textured as OPI's. I prefer the more textured ones but I guess that depends on your taste but these are definitely worth a go!

Black pixel - A true black with TONS of beautiful sparkle in it! When I first saw the bottle I thought it was gorgeous but figured it wouldnt be as sparkly on to the nail, but when I put it on I actually found it to be as sparkly as the bottle showed! Gorgeous! This was the most textured one from all of the pixel colors.

 Pink pixel - A magenta kind of pink with a really metallic sheen. Pretty! Wonderful coverage even on 1 coat, but I always recommend to put on 2 coats for best opacity, for the nail polish to not wear off too fast from your nails :)

 Silver pixel - A cold toned silver with bright silver metallic sheen. Lovely! A little bit on the more "sheer" side. It does cover well but you should definitely wear 2 coats.

 Plum pixel - I dont really think this is a "plum" color.. Well, a very light plum in that case.. It's a really pretty purple with a good need of 2 coats.

Check out my video for a little more detailed review with application and colors live + pics.

Thank you so much for watching!
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Love you all!!

Mwacks!! Miriam


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