July 01, 2013

OPI - San Francisco - Fall collection 2013

Hello my loves!
Today I'm doing swatches for you showing you the coming collection from OPI and their fall collection for 2013 - San Francisco -
This collection is a mix of reds and "sea" colors :)
Normally a large collection has 12 colors. This one has 15!
12 regular polishes and 3 liquid sand polishes.

This collection will be out in stores in August!!

Here are the swatches :)

"A piers-to be tan"
A yellowtoned, nutty, hazeulnut brown.
This can be a bit hard to wear but if you have a nice tan and the right toned skin for this you'll look great in it.
Here's what it looks like outdoors in the shade

"I knead sour-dough"
This breadish red brown has really pretty shimmer in it.
A pretty unique color to me..

Here's the color outdoor in the shade

 "First date at the golden gate"
This is a beautiful ruby red. Want to be "the lady in red"? Then this is for you ;)
Here's the  color outdoors in the shade


"Lost on Lombard"
A darker version of the previous color. It also has a brownish tone in it.
The same color outdoors in the shade

"Embarca-dare ya"
Love this raspberry magenta shimmer polish.
It comes out lighter onto the nail than in the bottle, I found that to be a good thing:)
 Outdoor in the shade

"In the cable car-pool lane"
Here's a burgundy, plum jellylike color. I did a comparions in my live swatches video showing you a comparison with "Anti-bleak" and also "Casino Royale". Curious? Check it out :)

Ourdoor in the shade

"Peace & Love & OPI"
This is a superpretty duochrome color. OPI describes this as a holographic, it isnt. Too bad.. but it's really pretty.
Here's what it looks like outdoors in the shade

"Muir muir on the wall"
This dark gorgeous burgundy gives me the chills! GORGE!! It's been compared to the color "Every month is Oktoberfest" from last years fall collection and I must say they are SIMILAR.. but not as close as people say... in my opinion. Either way, it's beautiful! Very sheer with just 1 coat with splash on coat nr 2 and you'll gasp.
Outdoors in the shade

"Dining al frisco"
Light blue, like the sky! kinda icy blue.. lovely! 
This shimmery blue will lift your spirit ;)
Outdoor in the shade 
"Keeping Suzi at bay"
A kind of a dusty medium blue. Almost like a mix of a royal blue and superman blue :)
Outdoors in the shade

"Incognito in Sausalito"
A very dark, dusty, ink black blue. Dark as the night.
Love this creme :) Great opacity
Outdoors in the shade

"Haven't the foggiest"
A beautiful silvery grey with tons of shimmer!
WOWZA opacity and just gorge!
Outdoors in the shade


"It's all san andreas's fault!"
A cold toned taupe with absolutely no shimmer. A really interesting color that dries with the liquid sand texture and pretty much "matte" in the color.
 Outdoors in the shade

"Wharf, wharf, wharf!"
A medium dark blue with no glitter in the blue liquid sand either.
Me like :)
Outdoors in the shade

"Alcatraz... rocks"
LOOOOVE this color!! A glittery liquid sand blasted with glitters in the colors of purple, blue, gold etc.
this is a must have!!!!
 Outdoors in the shade

Make sure to check out my live swatches!

Thank you so much for reading, looking, commenting :)
Ask away if you have any questions.

 Love you all!

Xoxo Miriam

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