February 08, 2012


Sooo... my attempt of doing one stroke flowers came out looking like this:

On this set I did half a flower.. and on my thumb I tried the full flower (much harder)

(sorry for the blurryness) and here's the thumb.
When I take a new leap to try out this I always go check out tartofraises1 youtube channel.. she is AWESOME at doing these! Check her out:

and if you're interested in seeing her one stroke flower (much better than mine) here is an awesome one stroke flower design:

It's a beautiful way of doing nails and if and when you can handle it it will be beautiful!;) I believe in you!
Just get out there and PRACTICE!! Do try it out :)
Soo.. that's all for today.. I'll see you tomorrow;)
XOXO Miriam :)

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