February 09, 2012

Splatter and OPI Holland swatch

Hey ya'll beautiful ladies!

Feel like trying out some splatter design? Splatter? You mean shatter?
No :) I mean SPLATTER... hehe..
I saw this from a blog I'm following and I felt like trying it!

This is how it came out looking:)
I will do a tutorial shortly if anyone is interested:)

A very fun and creative way to expand your senses when it comes to polish.

Also today I did a swatch video for OPI.
Spring is around the corner and the swatch I'm doing is for OPI's spring collection
called "Holland".. I'm sure many of you have heard about it already.
It's a wonderful collection with a really "spring feel"...
Here are my swatches:
Pedal faster suzi!
A light sheer pink with a bit of a silvery/white shimmer

 Dutch'ya just love OPI? ( I know I do;))
A wooonderful purple with gold shimmer (my favourite)

The top one .. orange : A roll in the Hague
a creme colored bright happy orange
Greenish: Thanks a windmillion (looks a bit like Mermaids tears from the Pirates of the carribbean collection.
Coral red: Red lights ahead... where?
Deep beautiful coral red tone.
Beige: Did you 'ear about Van Gogh?
a light beige/brown.. kinda neutral. Fits most people I'd say

Top: Wooden shoe like to know? (LOOOVE the name:D )
a brownish taupe with gold shimmer
Darker blue : I have a herring problem
A soft blue with tons of light white shimmer
Lighter blue: I don't give a Rotterdam!
A light blue, similar to the one just mentioned but a lighter tone.
Reddish brown: Gouda gouda two shoes
A warm taupe/brown colored with red tones.

Gorgeous bubblegum pink:
Kiss me on mu tulips (giggles)

Plum purple:
Beautiful dark plum purple with tons of shimmer

 Phew.. that was a loooot of pictures.. hope I didnt bore you to death..
Til later my lovelies!
Good nights!! MWACKS!! Miriam

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