February 14, 2012

"Nail evening"

Hi dear ladies!

Today I'm coming to you sharing my new nail design for today...
Here's how it came out :)

Tomorrow after work I'm going to a "nail evening"..
Some ladies at my husbands work heard I'm into nails and they where planning on having a girls night.
What better way to spend it then to get beautiful nails;)
So the host asked me to come and do nails on the ones who want to get their nails done:)
I said suuure! that's so nice :) Getting paid for doing nails AND dinner ;) awesome!!
I'll let you guys know how it went tomorrow when I get back from it.

The nails for today was just something.. um.. I felt that I must have some kind of "inspiring" nails myself :)
Yeah well.. :)

Have a wonderful evening my dear ladies!
Talk soon again;)
XOXO Miriam :)

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