May 01, 2011

A chillin day

Today is the premiere day of my new blogg.
I'll try my best to fill it with nail art designs, inspiration and pictures.

Days like today are nice once in a while..
We slept til 11.. had a long nice breakfast..

Around 5 my sister and husband came for pancakes:)
Love today...haha.. I've been thinking of a nail design I wish to try out.. 
We'll see if I'm able to fix it... One of the nails broke a little today..:(

Any ideas on nail designs you'd like to see?


  1. aww i hate it when my nails break, hope you're able to fix it!
    i like unique, creative designs that haven't been done before, and pretty color combinations :D

  2. yeah I do too :P thank you! ok.. i'll keep that in mind :) the right color combination really makes a big difference;)