May 05, 2011

Pink roses

Such a fun idea... Today I went to work to get styled .. and we had a photo shoot :)
A photographer took pictures on all of the employees. We where all down on the floor.. in a star formation..haha.. but the focus was on our heads.. the makeup and hair of course:)

This is my look they did on me :)

I'll see if I can get a hand on some of the pictures from today.

Monday is my actual start date for my new job so I'm excited about that.

Did some new nails yesterday inspired by a jewellery designer named Thomas Sabo.
He does beeeeeautiful jewellery and at least here in sweden he's very famous for his charm bracelets.

Here are my nails, I also did a tutorial on youtube for it :)

Time to go make some dinner. My husband will be home any minute and my little doggie is running aorund my legs wanting for attention.. :)haha..

Tootles for now!! <3

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