May 03, 2011

Do bi do

Great morning, except for the snow that was on the ground this morning!!!
Now it's gone though..thankfully...

Yesterday was a good day, the interview went great... I GOT THE JOB!! :D
I'll be signing the contract tomorrow. Woho!!

For my interview I wanted to have some nice fresh nails.. So I did a nice combo with
OPI - San tan-tonio and OPI - Suzi loves cowboys.
Here's how it looks:)

Today will only be a day to take care of our home.. do some cleaning, laundry etc.
The dark clouds and the rain in the air makes it feel better doing those things though.
I'm gonna get a big cup of tea and just hang around on the couch when I'm done will all my chores:)

Hang on tight! I'm gonna do a nail tutorial on youtube tomorrow night.

We also bought new bedside tables and a bedstead.
I love it so much!

Til later my lovely ladies! (and who knows, men;) )

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