February 08, 2012

Trying the one stroke flower design..

So yesterday I was trying the one stroke flower design..
Gosh!! It's A LOT harder than I thought... it looks so simple when other people are doing it..
Well.. practice makes perfect (so far just better).. I definitely feel more (not enough yet though) confident in trying it out. But I really like it and will practice as much as I can.. any tips on how to make it a bit easier?
I really need to get a better brush for it though.. were can I buy a good brush to make one stroke acrylic flowers? Tips anyone?
I'm going to US in april.. so if I can't find one before that I will probably look it up when being in the States..

Pics will come up shortly on my attempt of the one stroke flower design.
Now time for a late breakfast watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians" haha.. I love that show!

Take care of yourself! You're all beautiful! Don't forget that;)
Xoxo Miriam


  1. When i see somebody do one stroke it indeed looks pretty easy, but when doing it yourself...ouch....
    I always look at tartofraises1 video's. I think she is awesome at one stroke designs!
    I'm looking forward to your pics! Enjoy the Kardashians!
    Take care hun!♥

  2. Yeah that is so true.. haha.. yeah she is my go to when it comes to one stroke flowers as well :) thanks for your comment sweetiepie! <3
    Any tips on fast uploading pics to the blog?
    Now, when I take pics with my phone I upload it on FB and then to here... I would like a fast way to upload it.. any tips :)?
    You take care too!! <3
    xx M